Marius Mängel

Solutions Design

Puts every solution together faster than the Rubik’s Cube world master. A gourmand and a fan of old cars who is not afarid of getting his hands dirty. If he’s not in his garage in his free time, he helps his colleagues choose cars. He loves cars and driving so much that he has to feel the wind in his curls even in the office – for that reason a fan works on his desk all year round. He prefers his garage to a trip to some warm country anytime because it’s warm enough in the garage. The only man in the company whose computer mouse is shaped like a Mercedes and he doesn’t let anyone else drive it. He loves coffee and ice cream a lot – you can win Marius over with them. He makes his colleagues laugh, but at the sime time can break off a joke that is halfway through. Marius is not afraid of Excels, no matter their size. He can cook every kind of porridge for children.