Distribution services

Distribution is the transport of goods from the warehouse to the customer.

Distribution service may cover a scope from the delivery of a single shipment to a systematic distribution solution of all shipments.

It is important for both the warehousing and distribution service that the location of all goods must be clearly known at all times.



Warehousing is the practice of storing, holding and handling goods in a warehouse. A Customs Bonded warehouse is a warehouse licensed by the Commissioner of Customs for the storage of goods imported into the region pending the payment of duties and taxes.

Balti Logistika offers:

  • A modern logistics centre
  • Bonded warehouse and excise warehouse area
  • Trained personnel
  • Online visibility of the stock
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring 24/7
  • Different value added services (e.g. assembling, labelling, re-packing)
  • Camcorders in all strategic locations

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